February 23, 2019

Las Vegas vs. Macau Battle of the Casino Capitals

Las Vegas and Macau are two fundamentally different cities. Las Vegas is located in the United States of America while Macau is part of the People’s Republic of China. Even though both cities are in different continents of the earth, they both still have a common denominator; casinos. Let us find out which casino giant will win in the direct comparison challenges between sin city Las Vegas and Asian beauty Macau.

Las Vegas officially achieved city status in 1911. In 1931, gambling was legalized in the state of Nevada and soon thereafter, the first casinos were established in Las Vegas. Originally, Las Vegas stood for the Spanish word meadows and was named after the valley that had massive green meadows back in the 19th century.

Macau on the other hand has been Chinese territory until the Portuguese colonized Macau in the 15th century. The colonization through the Portuguese brought many good things and the economy rose. In the early 70s, gambling was legalized in Macau and Hong Kong only and through monopolies of certain casino and hotel owners, became a casino spot in Asia. The Portuguese influences and the beautiful architecture with the Chinese culture are still reflected in every casino in Macau, while Las Vegas inspires with mere hugeness and variety.

Macau does not have as many casinos as Las Vegas does, but many casinos that can be found in Las Vegas, can also be found in Macau such as the MGM Grand, or the Venetian. Even though many casino and hotel owners are foreign, Macau still has one unique casino owner by the name of Ho. Ho owns the most beautiful and extravagant casinos including the newly opened Grand Lisboa that imbibes Portuguese culture with Chinese and the whole architecture is based on the lotus flower.

The casinos in Las Vegas are all huge. There are barely any small casinos in Las Vegas. Las Vegas also shines with the biggest and greatest shows like Celine Dion concerts or Cirque du Soleil, but there is also the dark side to Las Vegas which is manifested in the adult clubs that are very prevalent.

Based on the history and the casinos we can definitely say that Macau has an edge over Las Vegas, but we also have to take into account that Las Vegas was the first casino capital and therefore the forerunner of Macau. Both cities have their pros and their cons, so if you are looking for a good old casino where you can just walk into without dress code and where you will be impressed with size and color, then visit Las Vegas. If you want a subtle ambience and a more culture friendly environment that gleams with immortalized casinos that have the certain classy spark, then you should visit Macau.

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